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Our suppliers are a key component for the success of our operation. We are constantly looking for companies that want to accompany us in the management and execution of our projects and that can help us with the necessary equipment for our work.

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What do you need to be one of our suppliers?

To be a part of our database of suppliers, you must possess all the necessary documentation and fill out our form so we can contact you.

Documents required:

  • Copy of the trade register of the company
  • Copy of the company’s updated RIF
  • Copy of certificate of legal representatives of the company
  • Complete address of the company, fixed telephone numbers, email, contact person
  • Letter of introduction with business proposal
  • Catalog of products and / or presentation of the services offered, experience and references of work done
  • Copy of bank instrument (check, notepad, other) showing bank account where deposits will be made (must be from the same company)

Areas in which we require suppliers

rafay Transport
rafay Sanitary
rafay Security Systems
Security Systems
rafay Cathodic protection
Cathodic protection
rafay Machinery-Equipment-Tools
rafay Services
rafay Civil
rafay Technology
rafay Electricity
rafay Mechanics
rafay Instrumentation
rafay Fuel and Lubricants
Fuel and Lubricants
rafay Office Supplies
Office Supplies
rafay Electronics and Others
Electronics and Others

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