What sustainability means to us

We are convinced that by helping and preserving our environment, we guarantee the continuity of our organization. This is why we promote actions in favor of the environment by providing the necessary tools for the development of individuals in Venezuela.

Let’s fill the classrooms!

We are sure that the development of a country depends on the talent of its people. We contribute to the growth of new generations, offering them help so they can stay in the classroom.

How do we do this?

Through the Global Civil Association Celis and Delgado (Asociacion Civil Global Celis y Delgado), and with the contribution of other organizations, we award scholarships at the Engineering, FACES and FACIT schools of the University of Carabobo.


To date, we have awarded 6o scholarships.

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“In the economy we have today, it is difficult for a boy to remain studying because he has as a priority work to get the livelihood of the home. Together with the collaborating companies we try to support those young people who are very talented so that they do not have to leave their studies and continue to grow”

Alba Pérez Matos

Representative of the Global Civil Association Celis y Delgado

“We hope that supporting our talent will allow us to build a community of professionals where the ideals of citizenship, entrepreneurship and responsible work are principles of coexistence”

Rafael Yanes
Rafay’s CEO

The Global Civil Association CyD (Asociación Civil CyD) is a social initiative that seeks to develop Corporate Social Responsibility, voluntary and effective, with actions that promote opportunities and improve the quality of life of individuals within our community.

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