We offer innovative and sustainable solutions to contribute with the creation and development of civil, mechanic, electro-mechanic and pipeline construction and distribution in the oil, gas and water energetic sector of the country.


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of gas and oil pipelines and aqueducts

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Minera Loma de Níquel

Loma de Níquel is the first commercial mine of nickel ophiolites in Venezuela

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Nor-Eastern Gas System

The Nor-Eastern Gas System aims to build a gas transportation system.

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Works in Orimulsion Plant

In 2001, an agreement was signed with Chinese companies China National Oil Development Corporation (CNODC) and Petrochina Fuel Oil, and the Orifuel Sinovensa Association was established for the construction of the second module of Orimulsión®.

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Works in Valcor

The Corrientes Valorization project (Valcor), which includes the expansion of the Puerto La Cruz refinery, was inaugurated in 2004.

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Ground Works For The Underground System Cerro Negro

The Cerro Negro Operator carries out production and processing of crude oil from the Orinoco Belt.

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Otros Proyectos

Between the years 2004-2005 Rafay executed:

Foundations, Pipe supports, Drainage, Mechanical works, Electricity and instrumentation.


Between the years 2006-2009 Rafay executed:

Earth Movements, Buildings, duct banks and electric manholes

Between the years 2007-2008 Rafay executed:

Earth Movements, Buildings, duct banks and electric manholes


Construction of the Total Sum of Dual Electric Plant (Gas / Diesel) from 4X12V50 DF to PetroSinovensa Morichal.

With the help of HQCEC, we can highlight the construction and start-up of the portable production module for the dehydration and desalination of 40 MBD of extra heavy crude (43,600 barrels of 16º API diluted crude and 12% water and sediments), being able to increase the flexibility and operational reliability of the plant, in the mixed company Petrolera Sinovensa.

The Furrial Thermoelectric Plant generates 200 megawatts (MW) of electrical energy, of which 100 MW are destined to guarantee the oil activity in the state and the other 100 MW distributed in the entity for its daily consumption.

Between the years 2003-2004, Rafay executed:

Earth Movements and Excavations, installation of Pipes and Stations and Cathodic Protection

This project is the Central – West Interconnection that will guarantee the supply of methane gas to the Paraguaná Refinery Complex (CRP) in Falcón state, by sending an additional 520 million cubic feet of gas from the East to the West.

Between the years 2003-2004, Rafay executed:

Earth Movements, lowered, stretched and welded of 30 Km of Ø = 30 “Tubing and construction and Installation of Station N70.

Between the years 2010-2011, Rafay executed:

Installation of a 20″ pipe of approximately 12.7 KM in length.

Between the years 2008-2009, Rafay executed:

Extension of the Anaco System – José phase II section Cruise station of Maturín II Barbacoas II

Construction of the section of the ø 36 gas pipeline, which runs from the cruise station of Maturín II, culminating 100 meters before the new Barbacoas II station will be located.

Between the years 2011-2012, Rafay executed:

Installation of a 20 “pipe length of approximately 14 KM in length. In a pre-established route parallel to the north side of the existent railroad, in the west direction towards the population of Marín in  Veroes Municipality in Yaracuy state.

Between the years 2012-2013, Rafay executed:

Construction of the ø20 “gas pipeline, part of the Morón-Barquisimeto transport sub-system, which comprises the gas pipeline sections from the Río Yaracuy station to the Puente Flores station and represents approximately 25 km.


In the year 2014, Rafay developed the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the oil production pipelines of the Orinoco Oil Belt. Approximately a 15 km long stretch of 20 ø.

In alliance with Hidrocapital, Rafay built two (02) lengths of quality steel pipes X-65, X-60, X-52 and X-46; Of diameters 2500 mm and 2750 mm and thicknesses ranging from 22.5 mm to 18 mm; Each section is named as: T2-D, T3-D; With approximate lengths of 6.100,00 mts each.

Between the years 2012-2015, Rafay executed:

Supply of tools, equipment, materials

Labor and other necessary and incidental services for the construction of a “42 “Pipeline, which would be used for the transportation of crude oil from the Tanks office (Pto) to the Storage and Shipping Terminal José (TAEJ).


Between the years 2015-2016, Rafay executed:

Construction of the gas pipeline 20” X 21.5 KM of approximate length. From Chivacoa station to Km. 113.3


IPC of facilities to increase production from 105 mbd to 165 mbd of extra heavy oil at the Sinovensa oil facility in the Mixed Plant Jose

Landing of 42″ x 3km oil pipeline, at the storage and shipping terminal José – Taej.

Construction of facilities for commercial crude oil dispatch line joint ventures through monoboyas (Petroanzoategui – TOJ) (Phase III) – 4.5 km of 36″.

Construction of the oleoduct pipeline of 42″ of 116 km mor -pt, sections I, III and IV.

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