Through the Civil Association Global C&D, representatives and managers of the companies MFK, Rafay, Ecomarket and Guaparo Group delivered 20 scholarships to students of different careers in the José Antonio Páez University.

The meeting was held on Friday, August 11 in the Conference Room of the José Antonio Páez University, where it was attended by María Inés Delgado, President of the C&D Global Civil Association, Rafael Eduardo Celis Delgado, Director of MFK and Rafay, Luisana Isler Vice President of the Association, and its General Manager Professor Alba Pérez Matos, who stated that:

“These contributions help to create a fund to carry out actions that improve the opportunities and quality of life of young people in the community, whose socioeconomic conditions put at risk their stay in universities and in turn the power to complete their studies.”

Professor Pérez indicated that the scholarships consist of the exoneration of monthly fees so that, in this way, young people who have demonstrated excellent academic performance, remain motivated and can complete their studies.

“We are convinced that education is the best way of development and progress for our country, therefore, this is the best bet of the Association and the business sector in these turbulent times we live and where a high student desertion has been detected in public and private universities “, highlighted Pérez Matos.

On the other hand, Dr. Haydée Páez Rector of the university ratified in her words of gratitude, the mission of the UJAP as “protagonist of education in the central region”, by enhancing the value of training human talent and the meritocracy to contribute to build the Venezuela of the future.

“In this act they reaffirm their institutional values, commitment, justice, honesty, social responsibility before each member of the Ujapista and Carabobo community,” she said.

Finally, the leaders of the Association confirmed that these scholarships are given, not only in private universities, but also in public ones and they informed that soon 30 more scholarships will be delivered at the University of Carabobo.