Rafay completed the mechanical works at the Petro-Sinovensa extra-heavy crude Upgrader

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, within the completion of the mechanical works of the Petro-Sinovensa extra-heavy crude upgrader facilities at the José Antonio Anzoátegui Industrial Oil Complex, were distinguished by members of Petro –Sinovensa and HQC, our colleagues Jesus Bustamante, Efraín Pérez and Jesús Herrera as outstanding personnel in the area of ​​quality during the execution of the work, and Cruz Salazar, Jesús Herrera and Francisca Rondón as outstanding members in matters of industrial safety.

Photo: Efraín Pérez, Jesús Bustamante, Jesús Herrera, Cruz Salazar, Jesús Herrera y Francisca Rondón.

With the development of this work, the production will increase from 105 MBD to 165 MBD of extra heavy crude oil at the Petro-Sinovensa facilities, which will soon enter service for the start of the early commercialization tests.