Representatives of Rafay and the C&D Global Civil Association met with authorities of José Antonio Páez University to establish an alliance that will allow them to contribute significantly to the professional training of Venezuelan youth and their insertion in the national productive sector.

The meeting took place in the facilities of UJAP’s university campus, with the participation of Alba Pérez Matos manager of the C&D Global Civil Association, Yackeline Peralta HR manager in representation of Rafay, Haydee Páez rector of the University, in addition to the deans and coordinators of internships from the faculties of Social Sciences, Engineering, Legal and Political Sciences.

“The main intention is to strengthen the relations between the academy and the company through actions that benefit the students and both entities,” said Yackeline Peralta.

Among the actions agreed during this meeting, activities such as the development of the internship program in Rafay, execution of degree work in topics applicable to the organization, anticipated recruitment of talent, dissemination of talent search to be part of the Rafay team among others are highlighted initiatives.

Finally, Peralta said that “this is just the beginning of many of the activities that Rafay has planned to execute along with the Civil Association Global C&D and educational entities in the region”.